Saturday, August 27, 2011

Flaws as the New Perfection

Donald Miller makes me laugh frequently. His word also habitually make me think. So he has this blog on flaws here. I've got plenty, so he real me in. I read. And I watch this video that Don includes.

Then Don ends the flaws blog with this note "Feel fee to share your very favorite flaws in the comments below."

Here's what I wrote:

"That’s a new twist… my “very favorite flaw.”
Before now, I would have positioned that
near the top of my “Very Obvious
Oxymoron” list. But you got me to

My very favorite flaw is trying to be a perfectionist in stuff I’m turning out or doing that I know somebody else is going to see. And underneath that is being driven by people-pleasing, people-liking-me, and people-accepting-me mania.

Perfectionism is now my “favorite flaw” because of Jesus. Now this crazy, futile obsession has been redeemed. Father is perfect. Jesus is perfect. Spirit is perfect. I can relax in how they love me, see me, and keep perfecting me, even and especially in how I see me! So when my stubborn flaw ambushes me, I’ve got a better thought to replace it with. Thanks for the reminder!"

So do you want to give this a try?

Read Don's blog, watch the video, and leave a comment--feel fee to share your very favorite flaw.

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