Friday, August 19, 2011

30 Simple Ways To Be Missional In Your Workplace

Josh Reeves offers some great ideas to bring Jesus into the workplace. No, not with a Bible sitting on your desk or a Christian screensaver on your Mac or PC. His list doesn't include a t-shirt you could wear on casual Fridays or a bumper sticker for your briefcase. It even avoids a cross necklace, bracelet, or ring you could wear.

Instead, Josh lists very simple actions. Intentional, kind moments. They are breaths of fresh air and gentle glimpses of life as it was meant to be, even on the job.

Ponder Josh's ideas and see if they spark other possibilities. I'm guessing the Holy Spirit will help you stir up pleasant, Jesus-like experiences for your co-workers.

Really, do you have some ideas to add to the list Josh started?

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